Senate Seat Denied To Burris

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Roland Burris was unsuccessful when he tried to take the bid for the Illinois Senate seat that was vacated by the President-elect Barack Obama. Right before the opening of the 11th Congress Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada made an opening speech saying, “Mr. Burris is not in possession of the necessary credentials from the state of Illinois.”

71 year old Burris told the press that he was told earlier in the day by Secretary of State Nancy Erickson that his credentials did not have the necessary signature and his state’s seal. “I will not be accepted, I will not be seated,” said Burris. Burris went on to say that he was”not seeking to have any type of confrontation” in trying to take the seat that was given to him by Governor Rod Blagojevich. However, that will not stop him from obtaining a federal lawsuit that would force the Senate Democrats to give it to him.

This action against Burris came at no surprise. Both Obama and the Democrats said that because Blagojevich was corrupted and was trying to sell the seat anyone that he appointed would have no credibility. Burris and his supporters believe that the seat was taken from him due to race.

Blagojevich has continued to deny the accusations against him that he tried to sell Obama’s Senate seat. Democrats have denied that Burris’ rejection had to do with race – but because of Blagojevich. The Senate Democrats had warned Burris continually that they would not accept him until he received a signature from the Illinois Secretary of State.

When Burris arrived he was surrounded by reporters who watched him enter and leave with disappointment. But it seems that Burris had taken the opportunity to use the media in his favor and gain sympathy from the people.

An attorney for Burris, Timothy W. Wright III, said that “our credentials were rejected by the secretary of the Senate. We were not allowed to be placed in the record books. We were not allowed to proceed to the floor for purposes of taking oath. All of which we think was improperly done and is against the law of this land. We will consider our options and we will certainly let you know what our decisions will be soon thereafter.”

Earlier that day – Burris had tense negotiations with Terrence Gainer, the Senate’s sergeant at arms. “I’m presenting myself as the legally appointed senator from the state of Illinois. It is my hope and prayer that they recognize that the appointment is legal,” he said earlier in a nationally broadcast interview.